Global Medical Network

Realization of a world-class global biotechnology group together

  • 1800 DOCTORS
  • 14000 MEMBERS
About CHA Medical Center
CHA Medical Center was founded in 1960, a global hospital with a
network of 91 medical institutions in 7 countries worldwide including
Gangnam, Bundang, Ilsan, Gumi, and Daegu, as well as the United
States and Australia. We are leading the medical field internationally,
including infertility and reproductive medicine, general hospitals and
medical examination centers, and also Chaum which is a Futuristic Hospital.
About CHA Bio Group
CHA Bio Group is continuing its challenge to become the best in various initial achievements in the bio and healthcare fields. We are developing and producing advanced biopharmaceuticals, including cell and gene therapy products and vaccines, based on our global R&D capabilities, such as Korea's only industry-university research ecosystem, the world's largest cell library, and our independently developed immune enhancement platform. We will leap forward as a true global bio company centered on the third-generation cell and gene therapy CDMO and global healthcare business.