CHA Network Overseas Medical Centers

Korea’s only successful penetration into the US medical market 
                        The first re-export of medicine

LA Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center · LA CHA Fertility Center

Located in Los Angeles, CHA-Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center
is the only Korean-owned general hospital in the United States.
CHA-Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, recorded as the first “re-export of medicine” among Korean hospitals,
is one of the best examples of raising the status of Korean medical care in the United States
with the highest level of medical equipment, facilities and staff service.
CHA-Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, a prestigious hospital with 90 years of history,
has been operating in the black since the second year of the acquisition by providing language services suitable
for multicultural communities, the introduction of cutting-edge medical equipment and medical services,
and bold investment in the environment and facilities.
The new ward, which is scheduled to be completed in 2021, will have 4 stories above ground and 1 basement level
with an emergency center, hospital rooms, a delivery room, NICU, and various operating rooms equipped
with cardiac catheterization laboratories, and electrophysiology laboratories.

City Fertility Centre

City Fertility Centre (CFC) in Australia is a special clinic for IVF(In-Vitro Fertilization)
which was established in 2003.
CFC currently operates 7 infertility clinics in major Australian cities, including Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane,
and has various IVF-related facilities such as social bio-bank (frozen egg storage) and DNA test.
CFC is currently preparing its eighth clinic in Australia targeting Chinese immigrants
and visitors which are growing rapidly in number in recent years.

Singapore Medical Group Limited(SMG)

SMG is a medical group established in 2005 and operates over 40 specialized clinics
in major cities such as Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam.
SMG has a wide range of medical departments including Women's medicine, Cancer treatment, Radiology,
Pediatrics and Plastic surgery/Dermatology. SMG plans on growing into a medical outpost based
in Singapore equipped with an international-level medical infrastructure by proactively responding to changes
in the medical market and introducing digital healthcare and utilizing biotechnology.

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