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Reaching  beyond simple cooperation to‘intergration of academic, industrial, research, and medical fields’

CHA Biotech Co., Ltd.

“Total Healthcare Solution Provider” CHA Biotech Co., Ltd. is a company that invents new bio medicine and
it was established for stem cell research and biopharmaceutical development.
The main business of CHA Biotech Co., Ltd. is to develop cell therapies, stem cells and cord blood storage,
and it has a competitive edge by utilizing the integrated business structure of pharmaceutical companies, universities,
research institutes, and hospitals to cover all areas of biopharmaceutical development from basic research to clinical practice.
CHA Biotech Co., Ltd. is currently trying to develop low-cost, high-efficiency cells
that exceed the limits of conventional cell therapy products through cryopreservation,
which can store cells for up to 36 months without altering cell characteristics, and cell mass-culture techniques
that secure large numbers of cells in a short amount of time under low oxygen conditions.
In addition, based on its biomedical technology and know-how accumulated over many years,
CHA Biotech Co., Ltd. is operating Korea’s first integrated stem cell storage bank called 'Bio Insurance' and
Korea's only One-Stop cord blood storage bank called 'iCord' that covers from storage, transplantation and treatment.

Contact +82-31-881-7400

CMG Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

“A Healthier Life is Everyone's Wish” CMG Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Cha Biotech Co., Ltd., is a pharmaceutical company
whose main business is R&D, production and sales of medicine and health functional food.
CMG Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has a patented manufacturing technology for oral disintegrating film (ODF)
called STARFILM Technology, and has a competitive edge as a company that can produce new ODF modified drugs
with better taste and stability than the existing ODF. CMG Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has a drug research institute in Pangyo
and a new drug research institute in Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, and is currently working on R&D of targeted anticancer drugs
and next-generation immune anticancer drugs by utilizing CHA Medical Group’s integrated R&D infrastructure.

Contact +82-31-881-7600

CHA BIO F&C Co., Ltd.

“Global Total Heath & Beautycare Solution” CHA BIO F&C Co., Ltd.'s main business is R&D, production and sales of cosmetics
and health functional food based on biomedical technology.
CHA BIO F&C Co., Ltd. provides a total health & beauty care solution based
on stem cell technology accumulated over many years by CHA Biotech Co., Ltd., a stem cell R&D company,
and anti-aging solutions of the Power-aging wellness center Chaum.
In addition, CHA BIO F&C Co., Ltd. is part of ‘CHA BIO Beauty Research Center’
which is a skin biology research consortium along with CHA University, CHA-Meditech Co., Ltd., and CHA Bundang Medical Center and
is currently working on developing and commercializing core materials for skin and health improvement through various cutting-edge technologies.

Contact +82-31-881-7859

CHA-Meditech Co., Ltd.

“A Global Medical Aesthetics Company” CHA-Meditech Co., Ltd. is a biomaterials and medical device manufacturing company
which was separated from CHA Biotech Co., Ltd. and is focusing on developing and producing core
raw materials for prescription drugs, medical devices and biocosmetic products.
CHA-Meditech Co., Ltd. develops and produces various growth factors and growth hormones among recombinant biological products,
and is conducting R&D related to the production of growth factors necessary for stem cell culture and differentiation.
Through this, CHA-Meditech Co., Ltd. develops and sells various medical devices
such as auxiliary ingredients for pharmaceutical production, biocosmetic products and fillers.

Contact +82-31-881-7563

CHA-Healthcare Co., Ltd.

“Global Healthcare Provider” CHA-Healthcare Co., Ltd. is the only hospital-focused company in Korea that
operates LA CHA Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in the United States.
HA-Healthcare Co., Ltd. has recently taken over City Fertility Center which is an Australian IVF Clinic Group
and is operating the center in major cities such as Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney.
In order to expand CHA Medical Group’s existing overseas hospital operations, secure new growth engines,
and create synergy effects, CHA-Healthcare Co., Ltd. is currently pursuing acquisitions
and establishments of overseas medical institutions and cooperation with local partners.

Contact +82-2-3015-2838


“A Total Care Sevice Leader” CHA CARES Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary company of CHA Biotech Co., Ltd. and is an information service company
that operates in various fields such as medical computing, call center operation, software development,
special facility management services including medical facilities, and human care services.
CHA CARES Co., Ltd. is responsible for the development and maintenance of the hospital information system (HIS)
and CHA Medical Group’s websites and mobile sites, and it offers total care service
for improving customers’ happiness and health including integrated call centers and buildings management services
for hospitals, schools, and businesses, silver care, and maternal care.

Contact +82-31-780-1700

CHA Vaccine Institute Co., Ltd.

“A R&D Venture Institute Developing Next-Generation Vaccine and Immunotherapy” CHA Vaccine Institute Co., Ltd. is a Bio R&D venture institute developing new drugs for the prevention and
treatment of infectious diseases is constantly striving to develop vaccines and immunostimulants,
securing platform technology for the development of innovative vaccines and immunotherapy.
CHA Vaccine Institute Co., Ltd. is developing vaccines for treating diseases beyond just preventing diseases
by adding unique immune enhancement technology to recombinant antigen production technology
that develops preventive vaccines.

Contact +82-31-737-8208

Seoul CRO Co., Ltd.

“Best Choice for Clinical Trial Partner” Seoul CRO Co., Ltd. is a specialized clinical trial outsourcing institute
that can cover the entire process of clinical trials ranging from customized strategic consulting, regulatory affairs
on behalf of Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, clinical trial designing, monitoring, clinical data management,
data safety monitoring committee, statistical analysis, to writing final result reports.
Seoul CRO Co., Ltd. provides a One-Stop service for everything from licensing, item licensing to individual strategy
consulting for each country through the network of Japan, Korea, and China, which play a pivotal role in Asian clinical trials.

Contact +82-2-3447-0181

Solidus Investment Co., Ltd.

“Your Value Creating Partner” Solidus Investment Co., Ltd., a venture capital (VC) with a competitive edge
that discovers and invests in potential next-generation businesses in promising fields
such as Bio, agro-fishery products, green energy, and IT.

Contact +82-2-569-0300

Medical Business Division

“A Dream Bank for a Healthier Future” Bio Insurance offers an integrated stem cell storage solution which stores and utilizes
its patients’ young and healthy stem cells and immunocyte to treat various incurable diseases and
provide anti-aging treatments in the future.

Contact +82-2-3015-5088

Cord Blood Bank iCord

“Korea’s Only One-stop System Encompassing Storage, Treatment, and Transplantation” iCord is based on CHA Medical Group’s globally recognized fertility treatment and reproductive medicinal practice’s
56-year history. In CHA Bio Complex, where 600 researchers with a master’s or doctoral degree are researching stem cells
24 hours a day, iCord safekeeps its patients’ valuable cord blood.

Contact 080-561-3579

CHA Silver Care

“Senior Home Care Service” CHA Silver Care provides long-term medical care benefits by dispatching elder caretakers
to those suffering from aging problems or geriatric illness. These caretakers assist the elderly
with their physical activities and everyday life in order to promote their health and life.

Contact +82-1544-6090

CHA Mom’s Care

“Premium Post-maternal Care Service” CHA Medical Group that has been serving mothers and newborns
for the past 50 years with dedicated postnatal care service.

Contact +82-1688-3553