CHA Network AffiliatesㆍMedical Business Division

Reaching  beyond simple cooperation to‘intergration of academic, industrial, research, and medical fields’

CHA Biotech

“Changing the World from Bench to Bedside ” Creating innovative medical technologies,
leading and providing a new paradigm shift in biomedical industry “CHA Biotech”

Contact +82-31-881-7400

CHA Diostech

“The No.1 Global Optical Solution Company” CHA DIOSTECH researches and produces high-resolution camera lenses to be used for various optical industries
including mobile phones and CCTVs. CHA DIOSTECH is taking initiative in making the world brighter and clearer
by applying its wealth of experience to its technology.

Contact +82-31-705-6234

CHA Cares

“A Total Care Services Leader” CHA Cares offers customer-oriented “total care services” encompassing FM services, call center services,
healthcare provider services, IT development, etc.

Contact +82-31-780-1700


“Science in Life" With a solid foundation of CHA Medical Group’s researchers and state-of-the-art medical science technologies,
CHA BIO F&C researches, develops, and produces safe cosmetics and functional foods.

Contact +82-31-881-7859

Seoul CRO

“Best Choice for Out-Sourcing Clinical Trials" We are a reliable business partner, providing an overarching clinical trial service
including clinical trial design, implementation, and result analysis.

Contact +82-2-3447-0181

CHA Vaccine Institute

“A Bio R&D Venture Institute Developing New Drugs for the Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases” We are a life science company with state-of-the-art technology in research,
striving to become the No.1 global vaccine company.

Contact +82-31-737-8208

Solidus Investment

Solidus Investment Co., Ltd., a venture capital (VC) founded by CHA Medical Group in June 2011,
discovers and invests in potential next-generation businesses in promising fields such as bio,
agro-fishery products, green energy, and IT.

Contact +82-2-569-0300

CMG Pharmaceutical

"A Healthier Life is Everyone's Wish” CMG Pharmaceutical is a leading pharmaceutical company
utilizing CHA Medical Group’s global network and integrative R&D infrastructure

Contact +82-31-881-7600

CHA Meditech

"A global biotechnology medical health care company” We realize the endless potential and growth in the bio-health industry.

Contact +82-31-881-7563

CHA Healthcare

"Global Healthcare Provider” CHA Healthcare is a leading integrated healthcare provider
that operates a general acute care hospital and a fertility center in Los Angeles,
California, United States, and a cell clinic in Tokyo, Japan.

Contact +82-2-3015-2838

Medical Business Division

“A Dream Bank for a Healthier Future” Bio Insurance offers an integrated stem cell storage solution which stores and utilizes
its patients’ young and healthy stem cells and immunocyte to treat various incurable diseases and
provide anti-aging treatments in the future.

Contact +82-2-3015-5088

Cord Blood Bank iCord

“Korea’s Only One-stop System Encompassing Storage, Treatment, and Transplantation” iCord is based on CHA Medical Group’s globally recognized fertility treatment and reproductive medicinal practice’s
56-year history. In CHA Bio Complex, where 600 researchers with a master’s or doctoral degree are researching stem cells
24 hours a day, iCord safekeeps its patients’ valuable cord blood.

Contact 080-561-3579

CHA Silver Care

“Senior Home Care Service” CHA Silver Care provides long-term medical care benefits by dispatching elder caretakers
to those suffering from aging problems or geriatric illness. These caretakers assist the elderly
with their physical activities and everyday life in order to promote their health and life.

Contact +82-1544-6090

CHA Mom’s Care

“Premium Post-maternal Care Service” CHA Medical Group that has been serving mothers and newborns
for the past 50 years with dedicated postnatal care service.

Contact +82-1688-3553