CHA Network Medical Exam Center

A one-stop medical service encompassing diagnosis and treatment
                        through a rapid inter-department corporation service system

CHA Bundang MEC

The holistic Medical Exam Center of CHA Bundang Medical Center provides a concierge/one-stop health examination
service through a rapid inter-department cooperative service system of CHA Bundang Medical Center.
In addition to its topnotch professors and state-of-the-art medical equipment, the medical staff of
CHA Bundang Medical Center provides accurate and reliable examinations and readings using upgraded PET-CT
(New Biograph mCT 128) to minimize radiation exposure, CT, MRI, and other examination devices.
Medical Exam Center uses CHA Smart Health Examination System which is the most up to date technology to provide
easy communication between patient and Medical Check up center via internet and mobile app. Furthermore,
RFID (radio frequency identification) technology allows patients to check their examination progress in real time
with Kiosk to reduce patients’ waiting time.

Contact +82-31-780-5050

Premium Chaum MEC

Chaum provides Korea’s first privacy-assured health examination system called Cell Private-Hive Room (Private VIP Room).
Private-Hive Room, equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, allows patientsto receive their medical check up
in one location, removing the stress of moving from room to room and providing extra privacy during their check ups.
Chaum Premium Medical Exam Center provides individualized health examinations after patients’ preliminary checkup and
manages patients’ lifelong radiation exposure with the world’s first radiation exposure management system
(CHA-RMS) developed by Chaum. Chaum’s global network allows patients to connect to the most competent doctors
in their field both in Korea and overseas if any abnormal findings are detected.
Chaum’s physicians, nutritionists, and sports trainer work together as a team and
provide a holistic health promoting guide for your healthier and happier life.

Contact +82-2-3015-5001

Chaum MEC Samsung Branch

The anti-aging life center Chaum Samsung-dong Branch, which combines advanced medicine, alternative medicine,
and functional medicine, identifies factors that shorten patients’ lives based on their individual genetic characteristics,
mental health, and lifestyle through medical examinations using high-tech equipment.
Upon examination, our patients are assigned to a personal physician at the Life Health Care Clinic to correct their lifestyles.
In addition, its diagnostic system is designed to accurately diagnose and prescribe for health conditions no matter
how minor a patient’s issues may be
For patients to comfortably receive medical examinations, Chaum Medical Exam Center Samsung-dong Branch,
located at the center of Gangnam, is equipped and designed
to emulate the environs of a world class hotel to provide comfort to patients.

Contact +82-1800-7750


The Medical Exam Center of CHA Gumi Medical Center provides general health examination services customized for
individuals for early detection and prevention of diseases. The Medical Exam Center provides various medical examination
packages (e.g., Basic, Premium, Stroke-centric, Cardiac-centric, and Women), customized for individual characteristics
and preferences, and optional additional examinations.
Using various state-of-art medical devices such as CTs (cardiac CT for vessel diseases, CT for brain diseases, and
low-radiation thoracic CT for thoracic diseases (long cancer, etc.)), MRIs (magnetic resonance imaging), MRAs
(magnetic resonance angiography), and ultrasonic devices, the medical professors of the Medical Exam Center provide
accurate examination results. Through the medical service connection system, patients who have abnormal findings are
directly connected to or assisted in making an appointment with a specialist
Please contact the Medical Exam Center of CHA Gumi Medical Center for customized medical examination services.

Contact +82-54-450-9847~9
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