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CHA Medical Group enlightening the true values of Korean medicine throughout the world
                        Hearing of CHA Medical Group’s stellar reputation, patients from all over the world are visiting CHA Medical Group’s medical centers.
                        CHA Medical Group believes that the dream of a healthy and long life is and should be attainable regardless of nationality or race,
                        and is working tirelessly to help its patients achieve this goal.

CHA Gangnam Medical Center

Heading the era of specialized hospitals in 1984,
CHA Gangnam Medical Center was the first specialized hospital to be opened in Korea.
CHA Gangnam Medical Center was a great contribution to the development of
reproductive medicine, obstetrics and gynecology in Korea.
CHA Medical Group, the only hospital group with a global network in and outside of Korea,
was the first to export Korean medical services to the US.
CHA Medical Group’s obstetrics and gynecology services is globally recognized and many patients from Asia,
East Asia, US, and Europe are visiting CHA Medical Group.

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CHA Bundang Medical Center

CHA Bundang Medical Center is CHA Medical Group’s representative general hospital, equipped with state-of-the-art
facilities, a high quality treatment system, and an excellent medical service environment, with ten other specialized centers
within the structure, including a Robotic Surgery Center, General Health Promotion Center, and Organ Transplant Center.
CHA Bundang Medical Center is recognized for its world-class research competitiveness and infrastructure and was
selected as a research-centric hospital in 2013. CHA Medical Group is achieving remarkable results in treatment for
incurable diseases through clinical studies using stem cells.
CHA Bundang Medical Center’s state-of-the-art Cancer Research Center is providing cancer diagnosis, treatment,
prevention, and follow-up services based on its customized life-long health care system.
In addition, its Global Stem Cell Clinical Trials Center is providing a one-stop service for the production of stem cell agents,
clinical trials, operations, and hospitalization. This world-class hospital provides an efficient stem cell treatment service
with its GMP facilities and stem cell operating rooms.

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CHA Bundang Women's Hospital

CHA Bundang Women's Hospital is Korea’s largest women and children’s hospital consisting of
globally recognized experts in Obstetrics & Gynecology, IVF Center, Women's Urology,
Oriental Obstetrics & Gynecology, Postnatal Care Center, Pediatrics, Children's Urology, and Children’s Surgery.
CHA Bundang Women’s Hospital maintains a Test Tube Baby Center, Neonatal Intensive Care Center and
Children’s Emergency Room and has been recognized as an excellent women and
children’s hospital for its 365-day 24-hour delivery system, one-stop delivery system, and postnatal care system.

Contact +82-31-780-5000

CHA Gumi Medical Center

CHA Gumi Medical Center, Gumi’s first university hospital building upon the reputation of CHA Medical Group
with a 56-year history, is striving to provide high-quality medical services with its 100 clinical professors,
600 employees, and 415 beds.
CHA Gumi Medical Center, known as a crucial medical institution in Gyeongsangbuk-do, provides the same level of
state-of-the-art medical services as Seoul and Bundang, made possible by
the sharing state-of-art service system of CHA Medical Group.
With its high-tech medical devices including MRIs, CTs, ANGIO equipment, laparoscopic/endoscopic operation devices,
extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) devices, digital mammography devices, mammotome
(mammary tissue screening and operation devices), phoresis devices, urodynamic devices, osteoporosis testers,
echocardiography testers, ultrasonic cataract surgery devices,
and transcranial dopplers (TCD), CHA Gumi Medical Center is providing premium medical services.

Contact +82-54-450-9700

CHA Daegu Women's Hospital

CHA Daegu Women's Hospital specializes in fertility and gynecology, including treatment for infertility,
single port laparoscopic surgery, climacterium (menopause), urinary incontinence, general female genital diseases,
and female health examination. Patients receive the same level of medical services as Seoul, made possible by
CHA Medical Group’s service rotation system.
CHA Daegu Women's Hospital Fertility Clinic maintains high quality laboratories and excellent researchers.
In addition, the Fertility Clinic produces high rates of successful pregnancies with state-of-the-art procedures such as IVF,
artificial fertilization, and treatment for immature ova, ovulation disorders, male infertility,
and habitual miscarriage and its sperm bank.
The Laparoscopic Surgery Clinic generally performs single port laparoscopic surgery
which involves cutting-edge techniques. Introducing high-tech laparoscopic surgery devices and equipments and
opening the Single Port Laparoscopic Surgery Center, CHA Daegu Women's Hospital provides the same quality of
medical services as CHA Gangnam Medical Center.

Contact +82-53-656-4200

CHA Fertility Center

CHA Fertility Center is already globally recognized as the mecca for reproductive medicine and infertility treatments.
CHA Medical Group also operates CHA Bundang Women's Hospital, CHA Gumi Fertility Center.
Furthermore, CHA Medical Group is preparing for the opening of CHA China Fertility Center.
With world-class sterile culture and infertility treatment facilities, CHA Fertility Center is striving to increase rates of
successful pregnancies and to provide state-of-the-art male treatments and procedures for male infertility.
CHA Fertility Center founded the world’s first egg bank in LA quickly gaining a reputation
as the world’s best fertility clinic Patients from all over the world are visiting CHA Fertility Center.

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