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Korea’s only successful penetration into the US medical market 
                        The first re-export of medicine

LA Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center · LA CHA Fertility Center

CHA Medical Group is as of yet the only group in Korea to re-export medical services into the US.
Establishment of CHA Medical group in the US contributed to economic growth and job creation in its local market
(Los Angeles). It also greatly improved the convenience of a million Korean people and
helped provide quality healthcare services to its community.
Combining advanced medical technology and management knowhow of the US with the strengths of CHA University and
CHA Medical Group, CHA Medical Group is becoming an exemplary case in the Korean medical industry and achieving
globalization of medical technology and management at a rapid pace
With its excellent physicians, medical professionals with a master’s or doctoral degree, and state-of-the-art facilities,
CHA LA Fertility Center is providing premium medical services. Furthermore, CHA LA Fertility Center is expected to greatly
contribute to the development of treatment for infertility as a leading fertility clinic.

LA Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center Contact +1 (213) 413-3000
CHA LA Fertility Center Contact +1 (323) 525-3377

Tokyo Cell Clinic(TCC)

Tokyo Cell Clinic, located 30 minutes away from Tokyo International Airport Haneda in the New Pier Takeshiba South Tower
(Takeshiba Station) with splendid views of the Sumida River, is a medical institution specializing in immunocyte treatment.
Tokyo Cell Clinic was founded to help those suffering from diseases caused by a weakened immunity system,
such as cancer, through immunocyte therapy (AKC immunotherapy).
Tokyo Cell Clinic has the state-of-the-art cell processing facilities complying with good manufacturing practices (GMP)
for high quality cell processing. Its advanced facilities separate and culture cells as soon as the patient’s blood is collected.
Tokyo Cell Clinic manages cell quality hygienically and complies with international standards
so that patients can receive treatment with an easy mind.

Contact +81-3-6435-7400
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