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CHA University was founded on the basis of the three philosophies: Christianity (the Christian value to love neighbors),
Humanism (respect for the mankind), and Academia (a spirit of research and inquiry).In addition, CHA University is the first
Korean university that owns a general hospital abroad. With its world-class professors and global network, CHA University is
doing its best to foster differentiated medical leaders.
For 16 years since its foundation, CHA university has been providing full scholarships to all medical students. As a result,
CHA University, known as the university making the largest investment in education, is boasting its high employment rates
among four-year universities in the metropolitan areas of Korea.
CHA University consists of the College of Nursing (Department of Nursing), the College of Life Sciences (Department of
Biomedical Science, Department of Biotechnology, and Department of Food Science and Biotechnology), the College of Health
Sciences (Department of Health Administration, Social Welfare and Health Information, Department of Healthcare Industry,
and Department of Sports Medicine), the College of Pharmacy, and the College of Integrated Social Science (Department of
Global Business, Department Health & Strategic Communication, and Department of Art Therapy). Its General Graduate
School is composed of the Department of Medical Science, the Department of Pharmacy, the Department of Biomedical
Sciences, the Department of Nursing, and the Department of Active Aging Industry. In addition to the School of Medicine, its
special Graduate School is composed of the Graduate School of Integrated Medicine, the Graduate School of Health and
Welfare, the Graduate School of Art Therapy, and the Graduate School of Clinical Pharmacy.

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