World-Class Treatment for Infertility

CHA Medical Group is leading the way for the treatment of infertility and helping people to realize their dreams“The main goal in the treatment of infertility is to increase the chance of pregnancy. Based on its 55 years experience in the field of reproductive medicine, 
CHA Medical Group is a leading expert in providing safe and effective reproductive medical care services, ranging from infertility  treatment to delivery.”

Since the foundation of CHA Fertility Center Korea in 1984, CHA group has sought to find ethical ways to contribute to reproductive medicine utilizing its state-of-the-art procedures, world-class scientists and sophisticated research capabilities. CHA Fertility Center is leading medical treatments for infertility in the 21st century based on its remarkable performance in research which will go down in medical history. 100 researchers and 50 medical professionals are making efforts to develop treatments for infertility based on CHA Fertility Center’s  proactive research on fertility, reproductive medicine, and genetics.

CHA Medical Group’s treatment of infertility introduced in a globally-recognized medical journal, 7 strengths of CHA Fertility Center, known as the “mecca of reproductive medicine” with world-class treatments for infertility
· The best facilities and highest rate of success
· Most experience with procedures and treatments for male infertility in Korea
· Use of selective medicines only for IVF procedures
· Friendly consultation and best medical service
· Received the most awards for research papers from International medical symposiums
· Covered by world-class media, such as Time Magazine and People Magazine
· Introduced new conceptual treatment for intractable infertility in association with
‘molecular genetics’ and ‘stem cell therapy’

국내/해외 차병원 난임센터

  • CHA Fertility Center IVF Center CHA Fertility Center IVF Center +82-2-3468-3461 or 2
  • CHA Bundang Women's Hospital CHA Bundang Women's Hospital +82-31-780-5200/5870
  • CHA Gumi Medical Center CHA Gumi Medical Center +82-54-450-9700
  • CHA Daegu Women's Hospital CHA Daegu Women's Hospital +82-53-656-4200
  • LA CHA Fertility Center LA CHA Fertility Center +1 (323) 525-3377
  • 차의과학대학교 서울불임센터 CHA Fertility Center, Seoul Station +82-2-2002-0300


  • Successful pregnancy of Gang won-rae and
    Kim Song


  • Successful delivery by a female cancer patient
    with frozen ova for the first time in Korea


  • North America’s largest reproductive medicine
    society “ASRM” enacted the “ KY CHA Stem Cell


  • CHA Fertility Center was awarded the Grand Prize
    at 2008 Medical Korea


  • Discovered the protein related to habitual
    abortion for the first time in world history


  • The first to be certified for ISO9001 among
    Korea’s fertility centers


  • Opened CHA Fertility Center Los Angeles
  • Practiced IVF procedures on 19 infertile couples
    suffering from certain hardships
  • Discovered the gene related to habitual abortion
  • for the first time in world history/ CHA Medical
    Group’s dissertations included in global medical
    textbook “NOVAK'S GYNECOLOGY”
  • 15th anniversary of the birth of the first test-tube


  • Founded Cha-Columbia Fertility Center


  • Developed the world’s first oocyte
    cryopreservation by vitrification


  • Successful pregnancy of a POCS (polycystic ovarian
    syndrome) patient and associated delivery for the
    first time in Korea
  • Opened the Fertility Research Center of CHA
    Daegu Women's Hospital
  • Successful delivery using preimplantation genetic
    diagnosis (PGD)


  • Opened CHA Bundang Medical Center’s Fertility


  • First to develop preimplantation genetic diagnosis
    (PGD) for single gene disorders in Korea
  • Successful delivery of the Korea’s first baby
    through intracytoplasmic sperm injection
  • Korea’s first pregnancy through laparoscopic tubal


  • Korea’s first delivery through intracytoplasmic
    sperm injection


  • World’s first fetus farming pregnancy using
    immature ova


  • Founded a sperm bank / Succeeded in pregnancy
    of a woman without ova for the first time in Asia


  • Successful delivery of a test-tube baby for the first
    time among private hospitals


  • Opened CHA Fertility Center


  • Received the best paper prize in male infertility from the ASRM for the establishment of spermatogonial stem cells


  • Received the best image paper prize at the ‘61st Annual Meeting of the ASRM and the Canadian Fertility and
    Andrology Society’ “Development of new conceptual oocyte cryopreservation using slush nitrogen”


  • Received the best paper prize in assisted reproductive technology at the ‘60th Annual Meeting of the ASRM’
    “A study on gene expression, involved in the development of primordial follicle of women, using DNA chips”


  • Received the best paper prize in male fertility at the ’58th Annual Meeting of the ASRM’ “In vitro isolation and
    proliferation of germ-line stem cells of male mice” and “Cell differentiation of sperm cells through fetus farming”


  • Received the best image paper prize at the ’56th Annual Meeting of the ASRM’ “Introduction of oocyte
    cryopreservation by vitrification using metal grids, world’s first pregnancy, and delivery using the procedure”


  • Received the best poster prize at the ’54th Annual Meeting of the ASRM’ “A study on blastocyst formation through
    fertilization and fetus farming of frozen ova through oocyte cryopreservation by vitrification”


  • Received the best paper prize at the ’45th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine
    (ASRM)’ – “Development of IVF procedure using immature ova and the world’s first pregnancy using the procedure”
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